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The „Kneipp cure“ for your module

Thermal cycling test and testing under moist heat conditions

Klimakammer in Betrieb

Endurance test with massive temperature changes

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This is how we proceed:

Determination of the suitability of a PV module:

  • with regard to thermal mismatch,
  • material fatigue,
  • and loads caused by repeated temperature changes
  • and the effect of long-term moisture ingress.

This is how the test works
in the climate chambers:

The PV modules are placed in the corresponding test rooms. On the one hand, they are exposed to a temperature change from -40°C to +85°C for 600 hours and on the other hand to a temperature of 85°C and a relative humidity of 85% with a test duration of 1,000 hours. This test simulates an ageing of the solar modules of 20 years without UV exposure.

The result

The output of the modules must not fall by more than 5% and they must not have any obvious damage.

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