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Installation damage to photovoltaic systems

If not correctly installed, the performance of even the best PV module will be impaired.
SUNLAB detects errors – and helps prevent them in the future.

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Even with careful installation, errors can occur that could be prevented.

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Identifying and preventing
installation damage

The installation of PV modules requires specialist competence and careful and precise execution. But whenever work is carried out, mistakes can creep in. In the case of PV modules, this could have a massive impact on their function and efficiency. Damage to the modules may also occur.

SUNLAB detects any installation errors from the resulting damage. In this way, a causal chain of causes can be determined from installation to the resulting damage. This will enable technicians to avoid errors and improve their own performance in the future.

Errors detected and, above all, prevented help everyone involved and ensure greater customer satisfaction. SUNLAB sees itself as a partner of the installers and is happy to support them in improving the quality of their work.

The following installation errors can cause damage:

Roof hooks poorly mounted

Avoiding tension between the tiles and roof hooks is crucial for stability on the roof, especially when there is a lot of snow.

No adjustment for sloping roofs

If roofs are uneven, they should be levelled out before a PV system is installed. Otherwise, both the aesthetics suffer and small shadows may occur.

A mess of cables under the system

The utmost care is required so that wind and weather do not affect the cabling. Otherwise, destruction of the cables is unavoidable, flashovers can occur and even fires.

Non-observance of the installation instructions for the respective PV module

Incorrect clamping areas can lead to damage - especially with snow and wind loads.

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