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Professional solar module testing
in SUNLAB laboratories

How does SUNLAB test PV modules? What criteria apply and what is important
for module quality? We provide information to interested parties.


SUNLAB carries out technical tests
for a wide range of customers

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In the interest of reliable solar energy generation

Whether manufacturers, installers, insurance companies or end customers: Whenever photovoltaic modules are used, they must be fully functional. This is the only way to ensure that operationing costs are plannable - ideally over decades. SUNLAB is therefore available as a module test laboratory for all parties involved in order to ensure reliable function or to determine possible impairments and their reasons.

Getting to grips with
the photovoltaic modules

With many years of experience in photovoltaics, SUNLAB's expert team is ready to test PV modules in depth. In the following we will give you a brief overview of the different test procedures used by our team.

The SUNLAB test procedures:

We check what happens to a PV module that is suspected to be damaged when we:

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