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Electroluminescence testing of PV modules

A look inside your module


Search for damage in the module using an EL camera

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This is how we proceed:

The EL process reveals damage within the module at cell level. We detect micro cracks, cell breaks, finger defects and much more that you would not see with the naked eye. These faults can lead to a reduction in the performance of the module or system.

This is how the electroluminescence test works:

Unlike power measurement, where light strikes the module and current is emitted, the electroluminescence test sends current into the module and light is emitted.

The cells are like resistors (similar to an LED) and start to glow, causing the cells to become visible to an adjacent infrared camera. Wherever the individual cells do not glow, there is a defect.

The result

As shown in the following figure, the electroluminescence camera locates damage in a PV module which is invisible to the human eye:

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