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Solar module testing to detect damage –
highly professional and experienced

We use high-tech devices to detect damage to PV modules.
Let SUNLAB test your modules now.

Identification of impacts and causes:

There are many different factors that can cause damage to photovoltaic modules. It is important to detect and prevent unwanted damage from weathering, manufacturing, storage and wear and tear. With well-timed inspection by SUNLAB, you can reduce or prevent the causes of damage from the outset.

As a professional laboratory, SUNLAB has the required facilities to investigate PV module damage. Not only will we find the effects of damage using high-tech devices, we will also identify their causes - and so help you to avoid these in the future. Our solar module test for damage provides clarity.

Naturally, PV module testing is also of interest to insurance companies. In addition to the causes, it must be established whether any person(s) are responsible for causing the damage, and if so to hold them legally responsible for the damage, where appropriate. This is also why we are a valuable asset by your side.

Identifying a wide range of damage

There is a whole range of causes and effects of damage to PV modules.
Here are the most common forms of damage:

Not everything good comes from above: Hail can damage PV modules in a very short time. SUNLAB assesses the damage for you. more...
Storms cause damage due to flying parts and wind forces. SUNLAB determines the effects. more...
Old and worn? Photovoltaic modules are also exposed to ageing. SUNLAB assesses the severity and extent of the damage. more...
Damage often occurs during transport. The task of SUNLAB is to detect this. We help you to ensure that your PV modules arrive in perfect condition. more...
PV module installers perform essential work that we really value. However, if installation damage does occur, SUNLAB will also determine the causes and extent of this damage. more...
Fire can cause considerable damage to PV modules. SUNLAB has the facilities to determine the cause and extent of such damage. more...

The following information and codes will help you to find us in search engines:

The testing procedure includes the use of electroluminescence. It is one of several methods of checking photovoltaic modules for faults.

Other search engine-relevant terms:

The SUNLAB tests apply to the modules – not the inverters or other components of the systems. The tests at SUNLAB GmbH detect performance impairments in the solar modules of a PV system. This is clearly evident if the modules are damaged. However, thermography is not a test procedure here. The function of the module must be guaranteed – regardless of the supplier or manufacturer – without any loss of performance.

Overload and overvoltage must be avoided and it is essential to protect hot spots. For example, we can detect micro-cracks and other defects resulting from snow pressure and many other factors, that are not directly visible. The consequences of lightning and storms also become very evident. This is also positive for insurers of PV systems.