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Check solar modules
before photovoltaic installation

Photovoltaic installers do valuable work every day.
SUNLAB provides meaningful evidence of the quality of execution and evaluation.

Solarmodule prüfen vor Photovoltaik Installation

SUNLAB conducts professional tests
for PV installers and end customers

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The impartial body for PV installers and their customers

The installation of solar modules requires a high level of technical competence and experience. And with the continued positive trend in the expansion of renewable energies, there is also a high volume of installations. Of course, mistakes can also happen here. Installers and their customers have a legitimate interest in a professional evaluation.

Differentiate genuine
from alleged faults

It is no doubt that installers are willing to accept responsibility for faults. However, if a fault has other causes, this must be determined in each individual case. Here, too, SUNLAB can be used as a independent body that recognises and clearly identifies damage. For a fair reconciliation of the interests of all parties involved.

Check solar modules before photovoltaic installation

And the reasons why SUNLAB is an important point of contact for private and commercial customers couldn't be more diverse. Whether it is damage caused by certain events such as hail, storms, transport or simply by wear and tear: Whenever there are doubts as to whether the modules are (still) functional or whether performance losses are to be expected, SUNLAB is available as a specialist testing laboratory.

Partnership with
PV installers:

Independent testing

As an independent test laboratory, SUNLAB tests photovoltaic modules for installation companies.

Experience in photovoltaics

The SUNLAB team has many years or even decades of experience in the photovoltaics sector.

Typical damage:

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If in doubt, it is advisable to check the photovoltaic modules before mounting them in the system. The current from the roof can only flow smoothly through functioning modules. Decisive factors for the functioning of photovoltaic systems for solar generated electricity are that each module achieves its performance. This means that the solar cells of the system (s) must not be damaged or impaired. Photovoltaic systems are systems on which electrical power can be generated by modules.

SUNLAB GmbH also tests solar modules for photovoltaic system or solar system for manufacturers. The objective is the smooth operation of the PV system on the roof or elsewhere. Whether module manufacturer or installer or end customer: All parties involved have an interest in the unrestricted performance of solar modules installed in the PV system. The solar cells in a solar system are the heart of the photovoltaic modules and require special protection during installation.

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