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Transport damage to photovoltaic systems

Perfectly manufactured, but delivered in a less than perfect condition -
SUNLAB immediately makes transport damage a thing of the past

Photovoltaik Transportschäden

Transport damage can impair the function of PV modules - in some cases massively

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Detect and rectify transport damage at the right time

Even if PV modules leave the manufacturer in perfect condition, there is no guarantee that they will reach the customer in this state. Damage may arise during or as a direct result of transport. This may be from the packaging or from handling during loading: Damage that has arisen can quickly affect the function of the packaged modules.

The following damage can occur during transport:

Impact effects

If PV modules suffer an impact, the frame can be warped and the cells damaged.

Packaging damage

Is it just the packaging that is damaged – or are the modules also damaged? This question should be asked at the outset.

Damage cause analysis

What has caused the damage to the delivered modules? We will be happy to determine the cause(s) for you in light of the visible damage.

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